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About Us
About Us

Our Vision is "To make sure that no child is deprived of his/her right to be a better citizen by providing basic child rights". We have an Aim Spoorthi Orphanage in which we provide free Food, Accommodation & Education.


WINGS are work streams of SPOORTHI ORPHANAGE that operate on different problems of the society. Come join us to give a better solution to those problems which are seen & neglected around us.

Don’t Encourage Child Begging
Don't Encourage Child Begging

Spoorthi is working to eradicsate Child Begging in Visakhapatnam with the slogan DONT ENCOURAGE CHILD BEGGING. We have worked on more than 1800 Child Begging kids in whom most of them were

Donate Blood

Spoorthi has taken a responsibility and started a AIM SPOORTHI ORPHANAGE fulfill the BLOOD requirements of the needy.

You can contribute, support & dedicate to build a better society!

Kids Details

Home Total Boys Girls
All 000 00 00

Children Age group: 3 yrs - 21 yrs
Other Rescued Women: 4
Kids details as per 31/03/17.

Education Details

School Total Boys Girls
In House (Spoorthi) 00 00 00

Kids Sponsor status

Home Total Boys Girls
All 000 00 00
Sponsored 00 00 00
Need Donation 00 00 00
Donation Requirement (00 Rs/Year) 00000 Rs 00000 Rs 00000 Rs

Children Age group: 3 yrs - 21 yrs
Sponsorship details as per 10/10/17.